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This is a tool for removing unnecessary tags from your bookmarks.

If you're like me, you probably have thousands of bookmarks collected over years and years of web surfing and hundreds of tags used to describe them. But the thing is that over these years you haven't been able to come up with a consistent taxonomy for your tags.

You might have, for example, dozens of different tags for expressing links related to software development: "dev", "devel", "development" etc.

This tool can suggest you tags to be merged together, so you can choose one by one and have it merge the chosen tags on your account.

NOTE: This tool rarely works since Yahoo seems to be blocking API calls from Google AppEngine. If you have some Python programming skills you may try downloading the open source code and running it yourself using the Google AppEngine Development tool.

Examples of suggested merges: “book”, “books” and “ebooks” tags into a single “book” tag. username:

Terms of service: Use at your own risk. This service doesn't store user-specific data. Your username and password will be transmitted over a non-secure connection, thus subject to interception by malicious third parties on your network.

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